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Bancha is the enterprise-ready integration of CakePHP with Sencha Touch and ExtJS.
We developed Bancha in over 1.500h to save you up to 50% in development time!


  • Abstracts server-client communication
  • Creates Sencha models from CakePHP
  • Full CRUD actions out of the box

For ExtJS & Sencha Touch Developers

Bancha lets you use CakePHP models in your Ext JS/Sencha Touch application. These models get all fields, validations, associations and fully configured proxies from the server. Out of the box they also support remote sorting, filtering and paging.

Simply require your CakePHP model (e.g. 'Bancha.model.User') and you get a fully configured model from server-side data.

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For CakePHP Developers

Bancha automatically enables CakePHP to understand and process ExtJS Requests. To keep development DRY just add the Behaviour Bancha.BanchaRemotable to each model, which should share their Schema with the frontend.

For all CRUD Requests Bancha just uses the standard CakePHP Controller methods, no separate methods are needed.

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