We’re here to help.

Bancha helps!

At every stage of development, we are here to help you get your project to the next stage. Along free support we also provide professional support and a variety of consultation services - both for existing and planned applications. 

Free Support


You are looking for tutorials, documentation or example? Take a look around the website, everything is provided for free.

You are still missing some information, we are happy to help. Simply write us in our forum.

You can't share this in the forum, get in touch with us via email:

Professional Services

You want us to build custom components, plugins or features for your existing or planned project. We are happy to help.

Using our deep technical skills, we can offer software architecture advice, development services, and project management capabilities. We also provide code reviews, performance analysis and security audits.


Undertaking Bancha work within your organization, and want to ensure your team has the best tools, skills and understanding of the Framework and approaches possible?

Training for general development, application planning and design, as well as Bancha specific training is available. We provide the flexibility to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced developers.