Introduction for ExtJS and Sencha Touch Developers

ExtJS is becoming more and more powerful and the framework of choice for many people. ExtJS 4 another big step in the right direction. But there is one thing that buged us: Enable our server to communicate with ExtJS (and Sencha Touch) easily.

We are big fans of CakePHP, a lightweight Rapid Development PHP-MVC-Framework (similar to Ruby on Rails).

Here's where our project comes into play. 

Bancha started as a Wrapper for Ext.Direct. For that we had implemented some extra PHP classes and a new dispatcher for CakePHP which will automatically enable Ext.Direct for Cake. 

Now it has become way more:

  • Bancha transforms ExtJSs data structure in CakePHPs and vice versa
  • Bancha will automatically use Cakes model Schema and validation rules on the client - no more double configuration
  • Bancha automatically map crud methods corresponding to cakes conventions
  • Bancha will out of the box support remote sorting, filtering and paging
  • Access any exposed controller directy from ExtJS


How it works


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