Saving Records

If you have setup the CakePHP model and controller as described in Expose in CakePHP all client-side records can be saved to the server. The following described some details about the implementation.

CakePHP’s model save record expects all fields to be defined. But to save bandwidth and make the usage more flexible (you don’t have to share all data with the frontend) Bancha uses Ext JS/Sencha Touch’s partial saving feature (Writer writeAllFields:false).

CakePHP would now go ahead and set all missing fields to null. That’s why the BanchaBehavior adds new methods to every model:


Use this method instead of Model::save, it creates a new record if no id is provided and updates if an id is provided. This internally sets cakes model whitelist property to only save the provided fields before before saving. You can also use this methods for normal CakePHP requests and it will behave like a normal save operation.


This will return the result of the last model save in the correct Bancha result format. So a common last line in your controller method could be

return $this->User->getLastSaveResult();


This is a convenience method, combining the above two. Bancha expects every controller method to return a result. So if you last actions is to save a record and then return the result (like in a typical create or update request) you can use this method.


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