API-Viewer for JS Developers

This Add-On for Bancha helps Developer-Teams in the process of creating Bancha applications. JavaScript Frontend Developers no longer have to dig through any PHP code to find the available remote methods.

Instead they just open /developer-remote-api.html in debug mode in their browser and can view all remotely available CakePHP Controller methods. 


  • Dynamically reflects on CakePHP app
  • Displays searchable Bancha Stubs
  • Uses both Reflection and PHPDoc comments
  • Supports code tags and MarkDown syntax

How to setup the project

Asuming you already use Bancha on the site, just copy this plugin into plugins/ or app/Plugin/ and add following line to your app/Config/bootstrap.php:

	'BanchaDeveloperRemoteApi' => array('routes' => true)


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