Advanced Configurations

Configure::write Configurations


(Default: array('BanchaAuthLoginException', 'BanchaAuthAccessRightsException'))

Most exceptions thrown from a controller action are not expected to happen and to give away to much information to possible hackers only that an exception happend is send to the client, but not further information.

Some exceptions are thought to be handled in the user interface, e.g. a login exception, these can be defined here. For these exceptions Bancha will send the type and the message to the user.

An example for handling authentification and wuthorization errors in the frontend:

Configure::write('Bancha.passExceptions', array(


(Default: ‘Bancha.RemoteStubs’)
If you want to use exposed controller methods and don’t like the Bancha.RemoteStubs namespace, you can change it here. Normally there is no reason to do this.



(Default: ‘Bancha.REMOTE_API’)
If you want to use define your Ext.Direct Remote API to a different place, change this property and also JavaScript property Bancha.remoteApi. There should be no reason to do this.


(Default: false)
There is no known reason to every enable this, please think twice before enabling it since it maybe makes it very hard for you to find errors.
If you want to send multiple multiple records from ExtJS to CakePHP in one action (this is not about request batching!), you have to enable this. Normally this is not needed and the according error is only triggered because the ExtJS store proxy is configured with batchActions:true. Please never batch records on the proxy level (Ext.Direct is batching them). To enable it add the following to your app/Config/core.php:


For advanced configurations just ask us:


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