Bancha 2 Release

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Since we first started working on Bancha over two years ago we have done a lot of progress and we are proud to announce the final Bancha 2 release together with the first stable Bancha Scaffold release. Bancha 2 is by far the biggest overhaul we’ve ever made, and delivers a major improvement to the app development workflow.

Almost every area of the framework has been upgraded, from the generated Sencha models to the CakePHP response conversion. We’ve unified APIs, added features, and improved the performance of the entire framework.

Bancha Scaffold

After a full refactoring of Bancha Scaffold, it has now reached it's first stable release and is integrated into Bancha 2. For more about the changes in Bancha Scaffold read our blog post on Bancha Scaffold

Lots of New Features

Over the last weeks we have already described a lot of new features of Bancha 2 in our blog posts The Future of Bancha and Bancha 2 Developer Preview. Besides that, we have almost doubled our unit and integration test cases.

The full list of changes can be found in our Changelog.

Easier to Learn

Over the last months, we highlighted the class API and documentation as two of the things we really wanted to improve upon for Bancha 2. As well as standardizing how we name classes, configurations and methods, we’ve also vastly improved the JavaScript API documentation and built up an entirely new Bancha Documentation, now providing a lot more insights into Bancha. We have also enabled comments in the new documentation.

Built for Speed

Bancha 2 provides a vast number of debug messages and inline documentation during development. To provide the best performance for your customers, all these things are removed as part of the Sencha Cmd build process. With our integration in Sencha Cmd you are able to package your apps into a single javascript file and leverage the app cache, or to pack them as native mobile apps.

Basic and Pro version

Bancha now comes in two flavors. While Bancha 1 required you to get a license even for very simple projects we now provide Bancha Basic free of charge. Bancha Basic allows you to expose any CakePHP controller method. It comes with request batching and all the performance optimizations you know from Bancha. Bancha Basic will also work with Sencha Architect and Sencha Cmd.

Bancha Professional provides beside the exposed controller methods also the posibility to expose CakePHP models and will include Bancha Scaffold for rapidly scaffolding grid and form panels.

Meetups and CakeFest

Monday the 19th we will give a talk in Tokio at EngineYard about Bancha. The following week we will be in San Francisco at the annual CakePHP conference, CakeFest and give a talk at the Sencha/ExtJS Meetup Group. It would be great to meet some of you there. And finally, since Roland likes to travel he will also give a talk in Bangkok at Launchpad on the 17th of september.

From Roland: Feel free to contact me, if you're in San Francisco and want to go for a coffee.

Bringing it all together

We have just released Bancha 2 Pro, Bancha 2 Basic will be wrapped up in the next few days. Also check out our new documentation and updated examples. Let us know your thoughts!

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