Bancha 2 Developer Preview and Discounted Price

by Roland Schütz (comments: 3)

Today we’re proud to present the Bancha 2.0 developer preview. Bancha 2 is by far the biggest overhaul we’ve ever made, and delivers a major improvement to the app development workflow.

Almost every area of the framework has been upgraded, from the generated Sencha models to the CakePHP response conversion. We’ve unified APIs, added features, and improved the performance of the entire framework.

New Features:

Additional changes:

  • Deprecated Bancha#getModel in favor of Sencha's dependency loading
  • Deprecated Bancha#preloadModelMetaData, Bancha handles this automatically now
  • Hid all Remote API logic from app developer and created a Bancha.Initializer
  • The CakePHP model property order is now also supported for non-array values
  • Added Bancha.Loader to dynamically require Bancha models in the whole application
  • Major refactoring of BanchaRemotable
  • Cleaned up PHPDocs and JSDocs
  • Each JavaScript class got his own file
  • Improved exception logging
  • Fixed bugs with virtualFields
  • Abstracted mapping logic into CakeSenchaDataMapper
  • Refactored Bancha to use instead of window
  • Extended the backend to allow loading of model schemas via ajax
  • Added possibility to load the Remote API as class dependency. This makes dependency resolution in the frontend easier.
  • Bancha does not require anymore be be used after the dom is ready.
  • Added support for PHP 5.4 strict together with CakePHP 2.1
  • Added Support for Sencha Touch 2.2
  • Refactored all logic from Bancha#createModel into

New Features for Bancha 2 Stable Release:

  • Fully refactor Bancha.Scaffold and add to Bancha project
  • Better Sencha Architect Integration
  • Finalize the new documentation



The updated example will be online during the next week. Here's a short example to get you started:

// activate Ext.Loader to load dependencies
Ext.Loader.setConfig('enabled', true);

// include Bancha via Ext.Loader
Ext.Loader.setPath('Bancha','/Bancha/js'); // path to Bancha folder

// start your app
    name: 'Bancha Example',
    requires: [
        'Bancha.model.User',   // require models you need
        'Bancha.model.Article' // proxy, fields, etc. are configured
    launch: function() {
        // use them, e.g. create a store
        var store = Ext.create('', {
            model: 'Bancha.model.User',
            autoLoad: true
        // now use the store...



The new JavaScript API documentation can be found here, the developer preview can be downloaded below:

Download Developer Preview

Note: The developer preview provides environment and exception messages to us, this will help us make Bancha 2 bug free and ready for production. If you don't want to contribute, you can disabled it, more details can be found inside Bancha/Config/bootstrap.php, starting line 76.


The Road to Bancha 2 and Discounted Price

Today’s release is the developer preview. We expect to ship final Bancha 2 release on the 16th August. With this preview release of Bancha, we’re offering a special discounted price of €300 (about $400) for a single developer license — an €75 (about $100) savings through August 16, 2013. When you’re ready to purchased our Bancha license, visit our online store. We’re also pleased to announce that we’ve extended all Bancha 1 licenses to include the new Bancha release!

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Comment by Santiago |

Hi, can you please provide some functional examples from scratch?

Reply by Roland Schütz

Hello Santiago,

the only difference in your code will be that you use 'Bancha.model.User' to define a model instead of Bancha.getModel('User'); I have added a short example in the blog post!

The main changes in the Bancha 2 preview are the compatibilities to Ext.Loader and Sencha Cmd.

New examples will be online after Bancha.Scaffold has been refactored. This should be somewhere new week.

Best regards,

Comment by Alan |

Love it!
Thank you for your hard work!

Comment by Santiago |

Hello, thanks for answer my question. I'm planning to build a new system and I'm not sure if is a good idea to wait for the production release of Bancha 2 or use the last stable version. What do you recommend? I can probably wait one week more and is this version available as GPL?

All the best,

Reply by Roland Schütz

Hello Santiago,

I would strongly encourage you to start developing with Bancha 2. The second developer preview is already pretty stable, the main reason for not being a stable release is that some features are still missing and that we want to offer our pre-Bancha-2 discount as promised til next week.

We will change our license model and provide a small version for free. What are your reasons to look for GPL? If it's for a good cause we can work something out. Just write me an email:

Best regards,

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